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On platforms like Instagram, social proof determines which account-holders succeed

On platforms like Instagram, social proof determines which account-holders succeed.
Gaining exposure with such extraordinary competition means building as many Instagram Followers,Likes and Comments as possible.
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YouTube views directly affect the performance of posts and profiles on the world’s biggest and most popular video sharing platform.The higher the number of views, the more exposure the video receives as a result.
What’s more, videos with vast numbers of views naturally come across as more authoritative and popular than those with comparatively few views.
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SoundCloud is the world’s premier social platform for emerging artists and musicians. Providing an easy and affordable channel for promoting and distributing your music, SoundCloud has limitless power and potential for ambitious musicians. But with such enormous competition, standing out from the crowd and be difficult. Will millions of artists all competing for the same spotlight, SoundCloud Plays, Downloads, Followers, Likes and Comments often make all the difference.

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